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A drilldown in a pivot table can be opened by clicking on the result in a cell in a report.

The advantage of this drilldown in the form of a pivot mask is that the criteria can be selected and sorted in accordance with customer requirements so that the amount can be divided into subtotals which can then be processed individually. Additional fields can be dragged and dropped into the drilldown view, subtotals can be displayed or further restrictions can be made.

The functions uses a value in a report to describe the proof used to allow the deals and their respective shares to be included in the amount.

It is also possible to conduct this process vice versa. FlexFinance also provides a solution, on a deal basis, to identify the reports in which a certain deal has been included, or not included and to discover the reason for its exclusion.

Firstly, the user has to search for the deal in the object search, then open the deal in the overview page and click on ‘Reports’. Here, the user can see all the reports, their latest versions and information on whether or not the deal was included.

If one of these reports is opened, the user can click in each cell (on each amount) and see why the deal was included in this amount (according to which rules) or why it was not included in this amount (what rule was not complied with, resulting in the exclusion of the deal).

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