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FlexFinance is a component-based solution that covers the entire process chain of lending operations including Loan Origination, Life Cycle Management, Account Processing, Financial Accounting, Bank Capital Management, Regulatory Reporting and Business Optimisation.

Blueprints containing components/services for each sector are available for each topic in the process chain. The availability of alternative components/services enables the design of individual solutions.

In addition to comprehensive coverage of the process chain, each topic can be put into operation on its own. Possible scenarios for the implementation of FlexFinance thus range from a complete mapping of the credit business process chain, which covers all topics, to the isolated use of selected blueprints/construction plans. For example, solutions for topics such as credit applications or invoicing/bank control can be delivered and put into operation separately for the bank and trading book.

Commissioning can take place on the basis of a database already available in the existing infrastructure or with the FlexFinance database.

For more information, please select and click one of the sectors in the diagram below:

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