• Covers the journalisation process for financial instrument in the banking book and trading book as well as non-financial instruments
      • Integrated accounting rules engine (ARE)
      • Multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency
      • Parallel accounting, adjustment accounting supported
      • Optional full-size general ledger or shadow ledger
      • Export of D/C entries or accounting events to any third-party general ledger
      • Equipped for IFRS 9: template with IFRS 9 compliant accounting logic and chart of accounts. Using experience gained in over 10 years in financial accounting for IAS 39 and in current IFRS 9 projects with different auditors, FERNBACH has developed an accounting logic that covers all business events for the entire portfolio of an entity. The accounting logic and a standard chart of accounts, which can be customised by a simple mapping process during a project, are part of each delivery.
      • Templates for various GAAPs with pre-defined accounting rules and chart of accounts

The blueprint Financial Accounting considers requirements for financial accounting, taking GAAP-specific requirements into account.

Main components are 

The blueprint is also linked to core functions such as the Cash Flow Engine and the Result Layer. It uses the Estimated Cash Flow Plan for calculating the initial measurement and subsequent measurement of financial instruments. Results are provided in Data Marts for presentation and analysing purposes.

It can be used to cover a

For details on how to access the Balance Sheet and Income Statement in a specific GAAP, how to maintain the accounting logic and how to analyse financial accounting by drilldown and breakdown at individual transaction level, please read more in the manual: Swim Lane Financial Accounting.

The blueprint Financial Accounting supports

Figure: Blueprint Financial Accounting

For each GAAP FlexFinance offers the entire process chain for financial accounting, including