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For each deal type different output interfaces are supported:

Type of output


List of data fields 

Additional information

Debit Credit Entries

The output interface “Debit/Credit Entries“ provides for each individual deal/account and related accounting transaction the appropriate set of entries. For each set of entry debit and credit bookings are provided, taking a standard chart of accounts into account.

GET /loans/debit-credit-entries

GET /current-accounts/debit-credit-entries

Loans: Examples of set of entries

Current Accounts: Examples of set of entries

Gross Book Value Evidence

The output interface "Gross Book Value Evidence" provides valuation elements which are part of the gross book value on individual deal level.

GET /loans/gross-book-value-evidence

GET /current-accounts/gross-book-value-evidence

Loan valuation elements

Current Accounts: Valuation Elements

Accounting Transactions and related accounting ratios

The output interface “Accounting Transactions and related Accounting Ratios” provides for each individual deal for various accounting types, such as payment or periodical valuation requests, related accounting transactions and for each accounting transaction related accounting ratios which are relevant for generating the appropriate set of entries.

GET /loans/accounting-transaction-related-accounting-ratios

RiskThe output interface “Risk Ratios“ provides important risk indicators on individual deal level such as the probability of default, the loss given default, the exposure at default, the expected credit loss as well as the regulatory amount of risk-weighted assets.GET /loans/risk-ratios
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