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Various options are available in FlexFinance for simulating payment or customer default.

  • Default or partial default on payments
    Total or partial default on a payment can be defined for a loan portfolio in a given period e.g. between 3 and 6 months by using the scenario type ‘Payment Default’. 
  • Default or partial default by a customer
    A portfolio that contains all a customer’s deals can be defined for individual customers. The possibility of a customer defaulting during a given period can be verified for this portfolio by the scenario ‘Payment Default’. 
  • Default by the ‘n’ largest customers or economic units
    The scenario ‘Default Scenarios’ is provided for the simulation of default by the ‘n’ largest customers of economic units. The customers or economic units that make the most payments in a given period are determined. These are then sorted and disclosed according to the amount of the commitment. 
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