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How the screen works

All detail screens of a financial instrument in the swim lane "Lifecycle Management" are structured according to the same pattern:

  • By selecting a subpage in the red marked area on the left, corresponding additional individual information of the financial instrument is displayed. The circled number indicates how much corresponding information is available.
  • The main information is always displayed in the blue-marked middle area of the screen.
  • To edit the financial instrument, e.g. to enter a change in the instalment for a loan, the respective business event must be selected in the green marked area on the right of the list. A data entry window will then open at the same place to enter all the data required for the business transaction.


In the Collateral screen, all collateral assigned to the financial instrument is displayed.

Using the arrows in the upper right corner, it is possible to scroll to the next collateral if several collaterals have been deposited.

For each collateral, on the one hand, basic values such as collateral type, last valuation and lendable amount at the posting date are displayed in the Summary tab. After entering a comparison date in the box marked in red

the lendable amount of the collateral is also displayed for this date:

On the other hand, additional information is listed in the Details tab depending on the collateral type (e.g. securities, credit balance, land charge). A typical collateral type for accounts is the portfolio of securities, which is used as collateral for the establishment of a Lombard line.


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